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"Me, my selfies & I" by Nell Frizzell

"Me, my selfies & I" by @NellFrizzel
"Since becoming single last year, just before my 28th birthday, I've also needed to take selfies because there's nobody there to take them for me. In a gut-wrenching breakup, I lost not only a partner-in-crime and companion, I also lost the photographer. There was no one to laugh with me as I put on another ridiculous costume, or to sit with me and watch the sun set. So I turned to the internet instead, and in many ways, it is a decent replacement as a source of affection. OK, so it can’t actually give you a kiss and say you look lovely, but upload a photo of yourself to Facebook and someone will come to your rescue with a compliment.
Social media is also the perfect platform for the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach to post-break-up happiness. Upload enough photos of yourself smiling at parties and eating fancy dinners and you too will start to believe, eventually, that you're feeling better".

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