piątek, 9 maja 2014

Aureliano & Amaranta Úrsula 3

It had not occurred to her that she was arousing something more than fraternal affection in Aureliano until she pricked her finger trying to open a can of peaches and he dashed over to suck the blood out with an avidity and a devotion that sent a chill up her spine.
Serve this delicious pickled fruit alongside barbecue pork or chicken. Or coarsely chop the peaches and pile onto a grilled burger.“Aureliano!” She laughed, disturbed. “You’re too suspicious to be a good bat.” Then Aureliano went all out. Giving her some small, orphaned kisses in the hollow of her wounded hand, he opened up the most hidden passageways of his heart and drew out an interminable and lacerated intestine, the terrible parasitic animal that had incubated in his martyrdom. He told her how he would get up at midnight to weep in loneliness and rage over the underwear that she had left to dry in the bathroom. He told her about the anxiety with which he had asked Nigromanta to howl like a cat and sob gaston gaston gaston in his ear, and with how much astuteness he had ransacked her vials of perfume so that he could smell it on the necks of the little girls who went to bed because of hunger. Frightened by the passion of that outburst, Amaranta Úrsula was closing her fingers, contracting them like a shellfish until her wounded hand, free of all pain and any vestige of pity, was converted into a knot of emeralds and topazes and stony and unfeeling bones.
“Fool!” she said as if she were spitting. “I’m sailing on the first ship leaving for Belgium.”
It's ever constant and has become a part of me... I love that feeling and I never want to stop longing for you.. I want to feel it even when we are together as the reminder of the wait for the love of my life!!!!

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